Letaj Group is an investor and employer of luxury construction projects with a completely unique perspective With the idea that architecture is the process of creating space By creating special luxurious space

A Family agency since 1982

This construction group started to build luxury construction projects in the diplomatic area of South Dibaji in Sanbol in 2000. The originality, quality and services in the work have been on the billboard since the beginning, and this principle has always remained.

The future of real estate

Letaj Group has always been in line with the tastes of its customers and has tried to create buildings with the tastes of the day to keep its special customers in the highest quality.

loyalty as a core value

Loyalty for Letaj Group means that it always puts its best in choosing locations, materials and the manufacturing process so that customers can enjoy their shopping in the best possible way.
Because after the buying process, they will realize that they did not buy the building, but bought a value

Letaj Group agents and team are one of the most specialized and up-to-date people in the construction and sales industry, all of whom together have a broad vision in this industry to create houses so that people can create the best stories.

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